Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Opting Out...

This is one of the more interesting thought exercises I've seen in a bit and its not some flight of fancy impossibility.  The libertarian streak running through much of the tech industry is a strong one and they're about as fed up with the way things are run as the rest of us.  They, however, create and control the tools by which they can exit from current governmental and societal constraints as well as free the rest of society from having to put up with the trash that is our current ruling class bureaucrats.

As the presenter points out, we are on the verge of the irrelevancy of many governmental functions including currency control and various regulation centered agencies.  The whole idea of "opting out" as is noted, is one that, we, as Americans, have always been fond of so perhaps its no surprise that we look to be the ones pushing this possibility forward.  While it seems like there is no where at this point to "opt out" to (no "New World" to escape to for religious freedom, no new Switzerland to transfer our monies too), technology is opening new methods by which we can pressure those in power to make changes.

If the powers that be wish to keep their best and brightest, they HAVE to change (see the flight of the intelligentsia from Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, etc.)  Perhaps the revolution won't be so bloody...perhaps the pressure exerted by those that can, that do, that make, that create can change our current course.  You could definitely do worse than a bunch of MIT/Stanford alums leading you forward...

The video is worth watching in its entirety and giving serious thought to, whether it comes to pass or not.

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