Monday, October 21, 2013

Nissan Patrol-R?

Well, you have the GT-R and the why not take the biggest, heaviest Nissan and dump a high revving turbo engine in IT?  Well, cause it would end up like the Nissan Patrol in this video.  I think my ears are still bleeding from the sound of the engine at full song and I can't imagine that the poor mill is going to be long for this world given the length of time it sounds like its being held at the rev limiter.

The vehicle in question is a 90's Nissan Patrol, not sold in the US.  The engine is a swap from a mid-90's GT-R (skyline), a RB25DET (yup, 6 cylinder, 2.5L, twin turbo pushing well over 4000 pounds of straight axle SUV) making some 280 hp and it looks like little torque.  As silly as the vehicle sounds I sure do wish I had this power in my rally truck!

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