Sunday, October 20, 2013 Item of the Moment

I'll call it the "Item of the Moment" as I'm not sure how frequently I'll be doing this--hopefully a couple times a month!

Stopping by the retail shop  in Windham, NH I was informed 1) that they have been doing so well that they are expanding to a second shop and facility down the road in Salem, NH and 2) that their body armor sales have been growing rapidly as more and more people come to understand just how many people can benefit from their use.

One such example comes from a familiar circumstance at your local gun range.  There you are, working on your pistol skills, taking the proper precautions and keeping both yourself and your fellow range users safe.  In a down moment you turn to grab some supplies or even just exit the range.  And there he is...the local jackass.  More interested in showing off to his "girlfriend" or his "bros" his gun control skills are less than exemplary and you end up having a weapon pointed directly at you--even if its just for a moment.  A bullet resistant vest can not only provide an additional level of safety for you, but it could generate a conversation amongst yourself and others that assists in improving everyone's attention to detail and proper gun handling practices.

What we have here is an example of one such a vest. The Diamondback UTOC Tactical Carrier is modeled here.  The size being worn is a small and the individual wearing it is 4' 8" and about 90 pounds.  The UTOC (Universal Tactical Outer Carrier) is designed to carry bulky gear while maintaining a casual appearance.  Padded shoulder straps, adjustable cummerbund, strategically located mesh inserts for cooling, optional gear pouches and a number of plate pockets provide not only added comfort but additional storage when needed.

The UTOC is Level IIIA certified meaning it should stop up to rounds from most .357 or .44 handguns.  Additional protection can be gained via plating to be located within the external sleeves. is currently running a special on a number of Diamondback Tactical carriers.  You can get more details and pricing here:

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