Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nissans at SEMA 2013??

Anyone??  Anyone??

I've got very little so far.  With the GT-R craze having been going on for a few years and no new major sporty or offroad oriented models in the immediate past you might see a few Nissan Jukes but I don't think much beyond that and the aforementioned GT-Rs.

Next year might be big for Nissan at SEMA with the potential for the new Titan, new GT-R, new BR-Z competitor and other models introduced in '14.

There is however, hold your breath, some new running board products for the 2013+ Nissan Pathfinder!  Evidently ATS is showing off some of this product at the upcoming, annual, glitz-fest that is SEMA.

ATS Running Boards for 2013 and Up Pathfinder...

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