Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tesla Introduces (kinda) its Model X

This was at the grand opening of Tesla's home town Palo Alto store this weekend.  In addition to showing off their new digs, Tesla brought out a real life version of its Model X CUV.

To reach the market in '14 and sell for approximately the same amount as the current Tesla Model S.  Some cool things to note are the touch screens located ON the steering wheel as well as the "falcon" (for some reason they aren't calling them "gull wing") doors and the inclusion of sideview mirrors that were thought to be eliminated with rear facing cameras.  Evidently the Feds haven't signed off on this idea and so a version closer to production is now including them.

The CUV is based on the Model S chassis but will not include the rear jump seats that the Model S does and instead increases the roofline and flips the rearmost seats around supposedly creating a true seven adult seating vehicle.  The photos make the seating look pretty tight so it will be interesting how that is reviewed when the vehicle is available for review.  We'll see a lot more of the Model X in the coming months but its nice to see Tesla's second production model coming to fruition.

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