Friday, November 1, 2013

Have Your Own Juke-R Built

Of course you have to get the vehicle from St. Petersburg...but it evidently is cheaper than buying it directly from Nissan at $600,000.  The company that builds the vehicle smartly bought the Juke-R website and has been marketing it across the globe.

This weekend in fact one of their first vehicles will be competing against Mr. Ken Block at the Gymkhana GRiD event in Madrid this weekend.  The Russian, custom built Juke-R contains the same drivetrain as the factory Juke-R and also comes with a roll cage and other upgrades.  What the Russian company offers that the factory version does not--upgraded engine tuning options.  At a mere 700 HP the Juke-R nicely outruns a Bugatti Veyron but versions up to over 1000 HP are available.

Explore buying your own Juke-R here:

More on the impetus and Russian company behind the the non-factory Juke-R:

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