Monday, October 28, 2013

Who's Coming to Commandeer a Boat in Portland, Maine With Me??

This is so William Gibson-esque its not even funny.

One of the world's largest, most technically proficient and futuristic corporations has a hand in mysterious floating barges popping up in harbors around the country.  On these barges are stacks of cargo containers holding who knows what.  Building and shepherding these barges around is by all accounts some small shell corporation with no history while the billionaire founder of said company drives his giant yacht up to said barges in order to do who knows what!!

Its like straight from a near-future sci-fi novel.  Maybe these are going to be Google Glass stores (but I don't think that's likely at all from the design and layout of these creations--too utilitarian at this point and besides...Google is already opening a retail store in NYC which fits in much better for the sale of hard goods than some floating apparatus.

There is little benefit for a very slow, moveable, retail store.  Why would you MOVE your store from NYC to say Baltimore anyway?  Wouldn't you be better off (from a sales perspective) having a stable location people know they can go to in order to buy your product?  No, a moveable data center removed from land and very possibly--the legal constraints surrounding being tied to a landmass (how about hosting a Bitcoin exchange or Pirate's Bay or Silk Road from an international waters, self sufficient, satellite linked datacenter?) makes a lot more sense.

Some one needs to get up to Portland and track the workers that are going to and coming from this ship and find out what is going THAT would be some good journalism work!!  Much like finding out what was/is occurring at Groom Lake by tracking who was flying into and out of the satellite airport that catered to its workers, the same methods could be used here.  So who's up for renting a little motorboat for a few days in Portland and following around the comings and goings of these mysterious Google barges?!!?

Google Barges Popping Up Across Country....

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