Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rallye Charlevoix 2013--Updates Start Now

So this is it...the last big race of 2013.  Back to Quebec we go, some 7 1/2 hours driving time away, well Northeast of  Quebec City.

Rallye Charlevoix has a cool intro stage with a purpose built jump before the race heads out to the real roads.  The crowds should be great, the weather cold but absent of precip.

As what looks like the only 2WD team to have driven every mile of every stage in '13 NISMO Stuff Racing sits tied for third in the standings.  Starting 2nd to last in the 40 entrant field we aren't expected to be fast but I think we might surprise some folks and most importantly we plan on being there at the end, letting the chips fall where they may.

We'll hopefully be providing updates throughout the weekend now that I have a phone capable of doing so.  Please feel free to return and follow along.  And if you need any tactical gear or particularly any body armor please check out and give 'em a "like" on Facebook!

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