Monday, October 7, 2013

New 2015 Nissan Titan Spy Shot and Engine Info...

Not really that interesting in terms of the spy shot--just a shot of the Titan mule with its enlarged nose roaming around what looks like an airport for disabled airplanes (that DC-3 in the background doesn't have any propellers/engines).  Though maybe they are testing out the towing capacity of the vehicle by pulling large airplanes around!

That said, Cummins released the info on the commercial version of the V8 Diesel that will be going into the 2015 Titan.  The commercial version will see use from school buses to ambulances to work vans, etc.  Which is why you may see a Nissan NV commercial van with this same diesel engine in it at some point.  Also speculated is that the next Titan will have a coil sprung rear and carry many of the design and technical developments seen in Infiniti's QX56/Nissan Patrol.  We'll see.

We do know that the commercial version will put out between 200 and 275 HP producing 560 ft. lb. of torque.  The version going into the Titan will produce at least 300 HP so we'll see some tweaking on the torque ratings too.  The Titan will also possess ceramic glow plugs ensuring a 2 second startup in temps down to -25F.

New Nissan Cummins Titan and engine...

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