Friday, October 18, 2013

2015 Nissan Titan Diesel Mule Video from 10/15/13

Looks like the good folks over at Nissan are out testing their diesel again.  As the video points out it is being refueled at the diesel pump and its towing a nice trailer which looks set up to carry very specific weights to be added as they run the engine and vehicle through its paces under various loads.

It also looks to be a 2WD version as I don't think I can spot any 4WD hubs in the front.  The nice, deep, early season snows out West look to have imposed some unexpected cold weather testing on the mule as well.  The body looks similar to that of the static shots we've seen with a boxier shaped, bulkier front end.  With this being the only part of the vehicle that is camouflaged we can assume that there are a number of design aspects that Nissan wants to keep under wraps for now while the rest of the vehicle looks sourced from the current Titan.

These 2015 Nissan Titan spy shots and videos are sure to continue and grow in frequency as time moves towards its formal introduction and we'll try and keep up with them here...

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