Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Toughest Off-Road Racing Series in the World?

If the ABSA Off-Road series is not the toughest major series on the planet, its sure in the running.

This past weekend's Atlas Copco 400 saw an attrition rate of 50% for the "production" class and over 50% for the "special" vehicle class.

What makes the series so tough is the greatly varied conditions running from rocks to sand to savanna to frame gripping mud (seen in these pictures) which virtually demands 4WD vehicles to even try and compete and brutalizes the machinery.

Nissans were the only marque not to suffer a DNF in the Atlas Copco 400 with the #8 Regent Racing Navara of Michael Whitehouse finishing on the podium in 3rd, some 17 minutes adrift of the winner, the #22 Barden Tyre Services Navara of Thomas Rundle finished 5th overall and maintained his 2011 championship points lead in the ABSA Off-Road series while the #4 Regent Racing Navara of Terence Marsh rounded out the finishers in 11th out of the 24 in class entries.

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