Monday, May 16, 2011

Erik Korda and Other Nissans are Strong in Hungary...

 The turbo-diesel Pathfinder of Wojciech Kozinski you see to the left finished in 9th while the flying Navara/Frontier you see below (the #2 of Eric Korda) finished in third while the first generation Navara/Frontier #8 of Pal Lonyai grabbed 18th.

Other Nissans (Navaras) grabbed 6th and 7th at the Admiral Rabakoz Cup event in Hungary this past weekend.  Korda would have actually finished 2nd if it were not for a speeding penalty during the event.  Korda's name is one that has come up quite often in Europe in this Navara and it would be good to see him run on a bigger stage.

It would also be nice to see one of these turbo-diesel Pathy's make it over here stateside.

Regardless, its just Nissans doing what Nissans do when given the chance.  Running long and hard and competing for the win at every opportunity.

Admiral Rabakoz Cup Results and recap...

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