Friday, May 20, 2011

Olympus Rally 2011

 The recent Olympus Rally on the shores of the Pacific was both beautiful and tragic.

The flat looking gravel roads backed by pine trees that fall away into the ocean made for a wonderful setting and there were actually three Nissans entered in the event!

Unfortunately the action on the National Competition was halted early due to the fatal accident of driver Matthew Marker and his Open class #65 '06 Subaru WRX.  During a hard off, the vehicle impacted on the driver's side and Matthew was killed.  His codriver was not seriously injured in comparison.  This resulted in the early cancellation of the National event and the awarding of the win to David Higgins, the Subaru factory team's "#2" driver.

Surprisingly, the smaller, Regional events continued on.  The three Nissans involved were the '91 SE-R #222 of Bruce Tabor, the '92 SE-R #787 of Wim van der Poel and the '03 SE-R Spec-V #190 of Jason Staats.

Saturday's race would see Staats and the '03 Spec-V off the road and out of the event for the day while Tabor and van der Poel finished 3rd in the production class and 20th out of 35 entries overall and 9th in the G2 class and 28th out of the 35 entries overall respectively.

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