Sunday, May 8, 2011

Three For Four...

Sebastian Vettel continues his domination of the 2011 F1 season taking his third win--this weekend in Turkey--out of four races.

Red Bull Renault/Infiniti racing team is clearly head and shoulders above any other as the other team driver, Mark Webber, finished second and Vettel had grabbed the pole coming into the race.

With Infiniti sales in Europe in '10 doubling from their ''09 numbers the continued appearance of the Infiniti logo at the top of the F1 podium and season points standings will only drive home the message that that the Japanese brand is there to play with the big boys.

Vettel's effort in Turkey is even more remarkable given he wrecked his car in practice, forcing his mechanics to more or less rebuild the entire vehicle, then went out and put the car on the pole in his first lap back in the vehicle and then parked it.  Then he hops back in the car come race day with no additional time in the seat and goes on to win.
Vettel Wins Again...

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