Friday, May 27, 2011

Red Bull Relationship Paying Dividends All Over the Place...

In addition to providing Infiniti a fantastic marketing tool, the F1 Red Bull team has recently seen its #1 driver sign a deal to represent Infiniti across the globe this week and has gone over to Nissan to delve into their engineering departments in order to glean information on electrical systems.

As an officially non-factory backed effort before now Red Bull has not had access to the staffs available to teams funded by the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari amongst others.

Now that they can tap the brains on hand at Nissan they are no longer on their own when dealing with unsolved bugaboos such as their current frustration with their KERS (regenerative braking) system.

Add that to the fact that Red Bull and Infiniti are apparantly pairing up to produce at least one, if not more, high performance Infiniti models in the next year or two and this relationship continues to look like the marketing/collaberation deal of the new century within the auto industry/motorsports.

Red Bull turns to Nissan for Electrical help...

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