Monday, May 2, 2011

And Then There Were Two...

Just announced today is the elimination of the Karsan van/taxi from NYC's competition to settle on what will be the "standard" taxi found there in the future.

Karsan, a Turkish auto manufacturer, had promised to actually build the taxi in Brooklyn but NYC officials felt that their lack of experience and history made them a weak candidate.

So it is left to two candidates--The Ford Transit and the Nissan NV200 (pictured here).  With the UAW screaming for Ford to be awarded the choice (Transits to be built in UAW plants, the Nissan NV200 not so) I would expect Ford to get the nod due to the political winds of influence in the Big Apple, especially at the lower levels of government--where this decision will be made.

Bloomberg is reportedly to announce the final result later this week.  Fingers crossed as this would be a big boost for Nissan's commercial division.

Karsan eliminated from NYC Taxi competition...

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