Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nissan Wins!!! The Contest For The "Taxi of Tomorrow" That Is...

 Happily I was wrong!!

Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced today that the Nissan NV200 van will become the next standard "Yellow Cab" for NYC.

Nissan will be awarded a one billion dollar contract to supply these vans for the next ten years.  The vans will begin showing up in 2013 after the current Crown Victoria model is retired.  They will be made in Mexico and then have their "taxi" parts installed in New York.  The engine will be a 25 mpg four cylinder and they will be wheelchair accessible.

If they're good enough for NYC expect other cities to jump on board as well.  This is a good win for Nissan's bottom line and image.

Nissan awarded Taxi of Tomorrow contract...

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