Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rally in the 100 Acre Woods...

Now we're finally heading into the the active motorsports season with quality events occurring nearly every weekend.

This past weekend it was Rally America's second round.  This time down in Missouri.  No snow or ice for this round and the drivers you would normally expect to see rising to the top, doing so.

The top two positions in the National event were separated by only 17.7 seconds between the winner, Antoine L'Estage and his '09 Mitsubishi Evo X and Subaru's hired gun David Higgins and his '11 WRX STi with Subaru's other team driver Dave Mirra, rounding out the podium some 5:02 adrift of the lead.

For the year this moves Mirra into 2nd place overall, L'Estage into third with Travis Hanson and his privateer Subaru effort still in 1st after having won at Sno*Drift back in January and finishing 4th here.

Two Nissans showed up for this event as well.

One being the above 1972 Datsun 510 entered by Kim DeMotte and Colin Vickman.  The 510 performed extremely well, ending up in 12th out of 25 entries on the Saturday race and 12th out of 22 entries on Sunday.

The other was the 1992 Sentra SE-R of Christy Carlson and Adam Kneipp.  Saturday went relatively well for the Sentra effort, ending the day in 20th of the 25 entered while Sunday unfortunately saw them DNF (cause unknown).

Excellent photos courtesy of: GotCone.com
Rally America: Rally in the 100 Acre Wood recap and results...

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Kim DeMotte said...

Thanks for the pics....not bad for a 65 year old driver in a 40 year old car, huh?

Kim DeMotte...very experienced rallyist!