Sunday, March 27, 2011

Infiniti Gets its First F1 Win!

Not a bad way to start a new relationship.

With the scheduled opening round of the '11 F1 season postponed due to the strife in Bahrain, the first contested F1 race of the year occured in Australia.

Having only in the last month completed a marketing deal that puts the Infiniti brand front and center on every Red Bull F1 car, suit, shirt, hat and more the Australian Grand Prix was also the entry of Nissan/Infiniti into the most prestigious road racing series in the world.

And they really couldn't have picked a better team to hitch their wagon to.

Claiming two of the best drivers in the world ('10 F1 champion in German, Sebastian Vettel and six time winner, Australian, Mark Webber) and the dominant team in F1 in Red Bull, Infiniti stands to get its name and logo in front of literally, hundreds of millions of eyeballs.

For the Australian GP, Vettel took the pole, led the vast majority of laps and won the event by a significant margin putting the Infiniti Red Bull machine on top of the podium while Webber took 5th.  Vettel's defense of his '10 title is off to a great start and Infiniti is looking as one of the best marketing moves in motorsports in recent history as it gears up to sell the luxury brand in Europe where it will compete head to head with Mercedes, BMW and other Euro luxury brands with deep motorsports roots.
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