Monday, March 14, 2011

Nissan Claims 2nd and 4th in Opening Round of ABSA Off-Road Championship

With one win under its belt in the ABSA Off-Road Championship in '10, Nissan has shown it is not done yet in South Africa and can still run at the front of the pack despite a lack of manufacturer support since '09.

'11 is getting off to a great start with Thomas Rundle and his Barden Tyre Service Navara finishing 2nd in the opening round while Regent Racing's Terence Marsh and his Navara took 4th and the Regent Racing Navara of Michael Whitehouse finished 9th out of 23 entrants.

Rundle finished less than five minutes behind the winner, Hannes Grobler and his BMW X3, despite two punctures requiring tire changes.

Also of interest is a Land Rover Defender (pickup) that just look oh, so old school and finished 13th, a number of the new Ford Ranger's from the Ford factory effort, using the "world" Ranger that is unavailable here in the US and also some Jimco and Porter buggies.

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