Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baja Italia 2011

This event was last weekend and it was not the best of results for Nissan drivers or vehicles but it definitely produced some nice pictures.

The best finishing "Nissan" is barely a Nissan at all.  The G-Force Proto of Boris Gadasin started out life as a Nissan Navara/Frontier but is now driven by a Corvette derived LS series engine and is almost entirely custom in terms of suspension and driveline.  Gadasin did take the win in the event but I can't really claim that as a "Nissan" win (though I'd like to).

The best "true" Nissan finisher was the 9th (of 50 entries) place finish by car #209 of Mario Ricci, which is an older generation Navara that still runs well.

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