Friday, March 18, 2011

Dash Complete and Project Retro-Runner Is Home...

 at least for a little while.  The dash and everything came together really nicely and it drives wonderfully.  I will have to adjust the steering wheel to end up straight on when tracking straight but that's a two second adjustment--literally.  So she is runable now but not complete.  It still needs its front suspension done and that is still in the build process in SoCal...but it is DEFINITELY coming together!!

The right side of the dash has been left open for future use for a potential radio and any other items that may need to be added but what you see are the basic kill switch, push button start, button for the horn, key for security, intercom for driver/codriver, red buttons to transmit over a radio (which is not present at present--in a year or so), and the GPS.

These are camera phone pics and were taken on the fly the moment before I took her home so please forgive the limited number of shots and less that ideal quality, etc.

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