Monday, March 14, 2011

Dash Painted--Next Stop?? My Garage...

Yup, the paint is now drying--will take a full day to be workable as its a single stage acrylic and not a normal exterior paint due to it not to be exposed to the elements and attempting to keep costs down.

Oh, and yes it is white.  I compromised a bit here.  Truthfully it would have "looked" better had it been a glossy white but the glare would have been too much.  So instead we went with a flat white.  Yes glare may still be an issue but I just could not go with a cheap flat black like everyone and everything else out there.

All that remains in the install of the electronics and she'll be on her way home to my nice dry garage.

Where she'll stay for ohhhh...a week or two or three tops before going back out for her engine cage and front suspension work...

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