Monday, February 28, 2011

Google's Adsense--It Works!

OK, so I'm not about to get rich and retire anytime soon.  Nor will this income (at this point) pay for more than an hour or two of labor on my race vehicle...

But I suppose every penny counts and I am actually shocked that I just got paid.

That's right...a little over a year since I first started this twisted little site I got paid $107.26 for the eyeballs and clicks my site has generated for the little advertisements on the page.  Shocking really when you think about it, that a bunch of companies that I know nothing about and have no connection to are paying Google to then pay me to allow them to put their little blurbs on my meaningless little site.

Oh, well.  If its there for the taking you might as well be part of the game right?  I think that $107.26 just paid for a single spring on my truck's front suspension...and when I look at it that way...that ain't half bad.

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