Thursday, April 29, 2010

USA!! USA!!! USA!!!

Well, its not exactly the Olympics and there aren't and Russian Armies to beat back but we are sending one of our better drivers overseas to compete at the highest level of an individual form of motorsport this weekend.

In this case it is Tanner Foust (he of drifting championships, Race of Champions entrant, Rally America winner, all around motorhead) who is heading to Portugal this weekend to run in the first event of the 2010 FIA Rallycross season. Though Tanner has tested his mettle early this year (as seen above at a small event in England) this will be his first real entry into the world of "A" level rallycross. Going head to head across tarmac, dirt and gravel over various elevation changes and turns, Tanner will be using his (supposedly) 600HP, AWD Ford Fiesta against the best that Europe has to offer.

More importantly, this will give Tanner a leg up in the experience department (as he is running in four of these Euro rallcross events in '10) before coming back here to the U.S. to participate in Rally America's inaugural Rallycross events consisting of three events to take place in NJ later this year.

Given the U.S.'s demand for action over skill and more "arena" oriented tracks, these will focus more on fender to fender action, jumps, bumps, etc., than the Euro races will and I for one, cannot wait...

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