Friday, April 30, 2010

Jumping On The Conspiracy Bandwagon...

Why let the lunatics on the far left and far right have all the fun??

I have yet to hear it proposed (though I'm sure it's out there somewhere) but I'm calling shenanigans on the BP oil leak and sinking of the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico...

Is it coincidence that only a few weeks if not days before this "accident" occurred, President Barack Obama declared U.S. waters open for drilling/exploration to his arch-enemy oil companies?? Not likely.

Is it a coincidence that his most high profile conservative adversary (Sarah Palin) uses "Drill Baby Drill!!" as one of her favorite sayings and thus is now effectively shut up?? Not likely.

Is it a coincidence that on one hand this makes Obama look better to non-thinking independents who wanted the U.S. to try to become more energy self reliant by approving deep water exploration on U.S. coasts and yet also better to greenies now that he has effectively banned it post-accident (having your cake and eating it too)? Not likely.

Just give it all some thought...if Bush is responsible for blowing up the levees to flood the poor of New Orleans isn't Barack just as responsible for ordering the sabotage/attack on the oil rig in order to end oil exploration on U.S. coasts, hurt the oil/gas industry and improve his political prospects?

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