Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Australian Hyden 450 Nissans...

Leave it to the Aussies to put together some really nice engine/drivetrain combinations that differ from the usual VW/Chevy mix we see here in the U.S. in our buggies. The vehicles pictured here are all Nissan powered. There were far more than these even, these are just pictures that were readily available of the Nissan powered racers that finished the recent Hyden 450 which is the first round of the Australian Off-Road Championship. Held in Western Australia the event had 88 entries and saw a Nissan powered vehicle win only one out of the seven different classes but Nissans did post solid results in nearly all classes. I will list the vehicles by order of the pictures here, top to bottom and list their finishing place in class and engine type.

1-Car #125, Steven Sanderson, 1st Place in Prolite Buggy Class, VQ35 V6
2-Car #85, Beau Robinson, 5th Place in Pro Buggy Class, Dual Turbo VQ35 V6
3-Car #205, Troy Johnston, 5th Place in Super 1650 Buggie Class, SR16
4-Car #1, Shannon Rentsch, 6th Place in Pro Buggy Class, Dual Turbo VQ35 V6

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