Sunday, April 18, 2010

Otter Creek - 'Otter Summer Ale: Beer Review

As more and more brewers follow the Sam Adams model of producing seasonal varieties it becomes ever harder to keep up. Kinda feels like baseball card collecting in my some point there becomes too many brands, too many versions, too much of everything to separate the wheat from the chaff...

Otter Creek's 'Otter Summer Ale however is a solid addition to the Summer season brew choices. As a micro-brew out of Vermont it is always my preference to try products from New England first before moving on to other areas as I like to support local businesses if possible and this was a new offering at my frequented packy.

This ale is medium bodied drink appropriate for any warm weather outing. You can definitely taste the "wheatiness" of this drink but it is not over the top and is more pleasantly favorable than the matching Sam Adams Summer Ale (which I find a bit dull) with a nice sharp finish. Though the Otter Creek website says this beer is often served with a slice of lemon, I still like to keep my fruit and my beer separate and this beer is just fine on its own. I say pick up a sixer and pass 'em around.

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