Saturday, April 3, 2010

Couples Retreat: A Movie Review...

If you aren't married with kids, don't bother considering this film for an evening of entertainment. What chuckles I did get out of the movie were wholly related to the humor surrounding the day to day travails of making marriage and parenthood work. Without the base of gallows humor that comes from being married and having kid(s) it is unlikely you would enjoy much, if any of this film.

That being said, even though I, as a married father, was a member of this film's target audience, I was only marginally entertained. Nothing here was overly bad in the movie. It was a bit slow but it was well photographed and both looked nice and sounded clean (so many films these days contain dialogue overwhelmed by extra sound effects and music). Its just it feels like the humor was whipped up by Vince Vaughn and John Favreau over a REALLY boring dinner.

There's just no situations or dialogue here to really laugh at. Its just flat...From beginning to end there isn't a memorable conversation or event. Cliche parts like the attractive male yoga instructor who gets punched out by Favreau's character, thus curing all the ills between he and his wife are part of the standard shtick here.

This is a film that in about a year will be in frequent rotation on TBS or TNT or the like as there is virtually nothing here offensive or in need of editing in order to make it onto regular cable in order simply to fill weekday timeslots with bland, forgettable content.

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