Monday, April 19, 2010

First Correspondent for NISMO Stuff!!

As a small time labor of love and outlet for thoughts I have been surprised the pride I take in this little corner of the Internet. Thus it is with great pleasure that I introduce Mikal, the first voice beyond my own that will be contributing to the site. Michal is in Bratislava, Slovakia and will provide an alternative, European voice to the site.

I try to write out a thought or two on most major offroad events and other motorsports happenings and adding Michal will allow for coverage of more events, particularly in Europe where there are numerous FIA run events that we here in the States never hear about despite their major manufacturer support/involvement. Michal will also be free to cover "stuff", adding his passions and views on the world to the site. Welcome Michal and don't worry, you speak better English than most of us natives!!

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