Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fiberwerx Bedsides Attached, Primed and Ready For Paint...

Who knows?? Maybe this project will turn out too nice to ever see the dirt...

Nah...but it is going to be well done regardless.

Keith at Dube's Custom Street Machines is putting in the extra time and effort to make sure I am a happy customer. He has worked up some factory like bracing to keep the fiberglass supported around the wheel well, precisely attached the bedsides around the bed with rivets, made sure the tail lights fit perfectly into their new fiberglass housing and, in what I have not seen on other desert/offroad fiberglass products, has used a marine industry primer.

This primer is MUCH thicker than standard primer and you could feel the difference in strength in the bedsides with its application. Specifically used most often on the fiberglass hulls of ocean going boats, this primer creates a more durable base onto which to spray the color coat, making it far less susceptible to cracking and damage under the extreme conditions endured offroad. The thick primer also tends to allow for more sanding and smoothing to flatten out the imperfections seen in typical fiberglass parts, producing a better looking end product with many fewer high/low spots. The color coat and final sealant around the overlapping pieces is to go on in the next few days. The tailgate will remain off the vehicle as not only is it a heavy, useless part at this point but would be removed eventually to accommodate the rear tire carrier setup.

I will weigh the bedsides and tailgate and get the weight of the fiberglass fenders from Fiberwerx to see just how much weight has been lost. Given the eventual weight gain from the cage, etc., the truck can use as big of a diet as possible at this point.

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