Friday, April 2, 2010

This Close to Being the #2 Selling Small Pickup in the U.S.

That's where the Frontier stands for the month of March. Helped by good incentives from Nissan, bad news from Toyota and (hopefully) a growing realization that the Frontier is every bit as good or better than the Tacoma the Frontier was the 3rd best selling mini-pickup in America by only few hundred units.
For the month of March the Toyota Tacoma took the #1 spot as usual selling 9,441 vehicles.
The real story was at the #2 slot where the aging Ranger just barely surpassed the Frontier in sales, moving 4,445 trucks while the #3 Frontier sold 4,091. Just an 8% difference seperates the two. With Nissan having the much fresher product it is only those who hold onto the "I'll only buy American" ideal who keep the Ranger from falling to 3rd or worse. If Nissan only put the tiniest bit of marketing effort behind the Frontier I believe it could easily surpass the Ranger and give Tacoma owners a serious cross-shopping option...
The rest of the mini-truck sales?? In 4th was the Chevy Colorado with 2,045 sales with the Dodge Dakota in 5th with 1,109 units moved and the Colorado's platform mate the GMC Canyon in 6th with 615 sold and the last few B-Series Mazdas in 7th with 6 finding owners.
As you can see its a long way down to the Colorado and a long way up to the Tacoma. It remains up to Nissan's marketing arm to put some umph behind the capable and award winning Frontier to get it the consumer recognition it deserves...

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