Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fiberwerx Bedsides--COMPLETE!!


Just because I didn't do much of the work in this case doesn't mean the anticipation was any less. Picked her up and brought her home tonight and am VERY happy with the results. The paint finish and look is as good or better than the factory job on the rest of the truck while the fit is near perfect and better than I had a right to expect with replacement fiberglass parts. Epoxy sealed and riveted all around the bed is tight and solid and without a wiggle, shudder or noise when driving. All this without going the quick and dirty method of taking a sawzall to the original bedsides and simply laying the fiberglass over top of the old ones.

Oh, and did I mention that the original gas tank door fits perfect and is fully functional? The filler neck was extended six inches and fits perfect in its new position.

I would highly recommend Dube's Custom Street Machines to anyone looking to have some body work done on any type of vehicle they have..

The next step is to have the vinyl graphics package put on the rear bedsides though that may not happen for another week or two as the Nismo Stuff Racer has another Rallycross event this weekend! We'll see how the nice shiny paint and fiberglass hold up to race conditions...

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Jacob said...

Man, this truck looks so good. It would be cool to see some dirty pics from after a race, before the clean up.

Keep up the good work. I am a huge fan of grassroots racing efforts. Thank you for all you are doing.