Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lexus Convertible and Mercedes from the NYC Auto Show

Mercedes had a strong showing at the NYC Auto Show on the back of gullwing SLS AMG (my pick for the most beautiful vehicle at the show) and the real race version of the aforementioned SLS AMG. Though the giant wing on the rear may be the biggest wing I have ever seen, the vehicle is destined to race in the GT3 series Europe in 2011 and therefore is attached for go and not for show.

The other Mercedes that caught my eye was a matte black convertible (E series?) parked up on a stand and not available for hands on examination like the other models. Like I had mentioned in previous posts, the "matte" look seemed to something many manufacturers were trying out and I still don't think I like it...

Lexus had a very staid display showing a couple its Toyota derived hybrids trying to tell the audience that Lexus means "hybrid performance" and failing miserably. The most interesting Lexus present was the IS250C that had seen the full aftermarket treatment and, if not for the silly vents on the hood, would be a sharp looking little drop top.

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