Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NZ offroad racing

Right to the serious stuff.

Here are the truck classes we have down here in New Zealand.

Class 6

Class 6 is a new class designed to cater to trucks mainly built for 4x4 winch challenge style of events there are no rules except the trucks have to be road legal and have roll cages etc.

Class 8


run what you brung! almost anything is allowed, turbo's superchargers engines can be any size

trucks can be 2wd or 4wd. The engine's flywheel has to be in front of the diff and it has to resemble a production 4wd/pickup

Class 4 - Pro Trucks

These trucks have to keep the standard chassis frame but suspension can be modified.

any engine is allowed up to 4.2L in N/A form turbo or supercharged engines are limited to 2L

Class 2 - Production Trucks

a very controlled production class, almost standard road trucks that have rollcages .

suspension is allowed to be upgraded but a shock has to remain in the the standard position.

engine modifications are open but inlet manifold must remain standard.

If anyone is interested in read more rules and regs about offroading in NZ the rule book is available as a PDF on http://www.oranz.co.nz/


Glen Sandford

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