Friday, June 18, 2010

New Zealand Off Road Racing

I thought as my first post up on here that i would do a break down of the various classes that run over here in New Zealand . All the photo's I've posted are old photo's over the years.

First things first the buggy classes

Class 1

Class 1 are unlimited buggy's they have to have IRS and the engine has to be behind the driver, however engine size is unlimited and turbo and supercharging is allowed .

Class 3

Class 3 or Super 1600 are unlimited in terms of suspension and frame design however they are only allowed a natural aspirated engine that's 1600cc in capacity

Class 5

Class 5 or Super 1300 are similar to class 3 but however they have to run a 1300cc engine


Challengers are a controlled class they have to run original VW beetle suspension and VW 1600 flat four and gearbox the engine's are modified but have to run a single carb .

That's the buggy's out of the way i will follow this post up with a break down of the truck classes

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Glen Sandford

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