Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Old School Short Course Nissan...

From the recent Arizona Short Course Championship Series which is intended to be a long term feeder series for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. This event was from back in early June, and the listed driver on the side is Patrick McMurray though the #1470 truck is listed on the ASCC website as being Grant Wilson.

I'm not sure how much of this vehicle is really a Nissan outside of the cab itself by I am trying to track down Patrick and find out. Regardless it shows the versatility of the Hardbody platform and makes for some excellent photos. Patrick ended up finishing on the lead lap of this race which was 12 laps long crossing in 4th out of the eight entries in the 1450/Prerunner class.

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Brian Driggs said...

That second shot you posted plays some tricks on the eyes, Dan. Check out the way the shadow behind the RF wheel makes it look like the wheel isn't actually attached to the truck. That's some Nissan Hardbody reliability, right there. ;)

I've been out to catch a little LOORS at Speedworld up in north Phoenix before. It's a good time, but I bet it's better at night, under the lights. There isn't much shade out that way during the day and you absolutely FRY.

Even so, seeing the buggies and trucks clear that massive tabletop up front by the stands is incredible. These guys are easily airborne for BUS LENGTHs.

Sweet find. Track down that lead and report!