Sunday, November 29, 2009

Those Damn Racist.......Swiss?!?!?!?

Man, I tell ya...this is likely to get the Swiss kicked out of the official Obama, far-left, socialist fan club...

Today the Swiss voters handily dealt at least a symbolic blow to the growth and acceptance of Islam in European society. By a margin of approx 57% to 43% the Swiss voted to ban the construction of mosque minarets in Switzerland feeling that they are just as much a symbol of Islamic intention as is the burqa, female genital mutilation and terrorism. Now, I can't as much say that I agree on that point, nor would I want this law passed in the U.S. but if thats what the Swiss want, then so be it. The voting was done in sufficient numbers and by a margin large enough to actually put the ban into the Swiss constitution, so this law isn't likley going anywhere anytime soon.

Evidently the Swiss population is now 6% Muslim and growing due to the influx (as seen throughout Western Europe) of refugees from the disintigration of various countries in Eastern Europe and war torn Africa/Mid-East and the Swiss are none too pleased. Long a haven of independant thought (and banking) I imagine the Swiss don't like the idea of their country turning into an African, socialist ghetto as much of urban France and England have become.

Did you know that the most common birth name in Western Europe is now "Mohammed"?


Well done by the Swiss...any stick in the eye of Muslim extremism is a good stick in the eye...

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