Saturday, November 21, 2009

Putting in the Good Dino Juice...

1600 miles and it's time for an oil change!!!!

OK, I likely didn't NEED to do an oil change this early but at 1600 miles the engine is well on its way to being broken in (if it isn't already) and I wanted to get the good stuff and filter on there as its one more thing to check off my never ending list of things to do...

Speaking with the guys at Jim Wolf Technology I was told that they use Mobil 1 0W-40 in most of their performance engines and it has performed very well for them. Given they are one of the most knowledgable outfits in the nation in regards to Nissan engines I figured I'd take their advice.

My how I love working on a clean, new vehicle. No dirt, no rust...just beautiful. As was the layout of the oil pan and filter. No contortions needed to get to either and just nicely set up. Couldn't have been simpler. 14MM wrench and oil filter pliers is all it took.

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