Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Blank Slate...

Ah, yup...thats a plain jane, white, stripped Nissan Frontier XE. You don't get much more simple in the automotive world than this these days. Manual 5-speed, no power windows or locks, no air conditioning, a small 4-cyl under the hood, etc.

I just returned from a 2000+ mile round trip journey to Oak Ridge, TN to pick her up and I couldn't be happier. Nissan of Oak Ridge was great, the whole deal was done over the internet and telephone and was completed in a matter of minutes once I arrived. The trip down and back was uneventful, though I worried a bit given the massive number of dead deer I observed on the side of the road. I had nightmares of totaling the vehicle before I ever got it home due to a hunter scared Bambi.

So now the truck sits in my garage, awaiting its first upgrades and its first competitive event. First changes will likely be to put some high end dino-juice in all her vitals (nothing but the best for my baby) and look around for some new rubber. Any other thoughts on what should be the first upgrades are greatly appreciated.

Though she may be plain jane now, she won't be for long...

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