Friday, November 13, 2009

Gigawave Nissan GT-R NOT Coming to Daytona...

Despite hopes to the contrary here in the U.S. it appears as if there will be no Nissan GT-R entry in the 2010 24-Hours of Daytona. In speaking with some members of the Great Britain based Gigawave MotorSports team it is clear that while they would love to come over and run in the Daytona, Florida event (trading wet, cold England for warm sunny Florida seems like a good start to me!!) their focus is on the 2010 FIA GT1 series and also express regret that cars constructed for FIA's GT1 class would not be admitted. This is highly regretable as it appears that Gigawave MotorSport has some solid backing from NISMO Europe at the very least and I would imagine that the GT-R market is larger here stateside than it is in Europe...

Regardless, it does seem as if the team will make an attempt to make it easy for GT-R fans to follow their '10 season via the internet and what follows is the team's statement on my inquiry into a possible Daytona entry.

It's great to see interest in Gigawave's FIA GT1 World Championship 2010 campaign has reached US shores!

We are very excited about the GT-R's potential. The Nissan GT-R in its 2010 FIA GT1 homologation specification truly is worthy of carrying the torch of its predecessors.

Having been Nismo's official development partner for the GT-R during 2009, we've gained a huge amount of insight into the car both in test and in non-championship entries into the 2009 FIA GT1 season, including a podium at Spa 24H. Under Team Principal Nigel Stepney the team is looking for a very aggressive showing in the debut world title year.

Daytona 24Hr: we'd love to go to Daytona - endurance is what we are all about at Gigawave MotorSport...but it will have to be at some time in the future when the GT1 class is admitted; right now, our focus is absolutely on the FIA GT1. We're determined to make the championship in its first world title year a real thriller.

I am following up your enquiries with some of our colleagues at Nissan & Nismo, and will come back very soon with more from ourselves, especially with more on how our growing fan base can keep up with our news and get exclusives. And needless to say, any of your readers who get to the planned rounds in your hemisphere are going to be hugely appreciated by the team.—Rikki Nath

Car and Team Info: Gigawave MotorSports

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