Sunday, November 15, 2009

Carlos Ghosn Says—Titan Lives On!!

Yup...Put it in the books. The Nissan Titan will live to see a 2nd Generation. Full size Nissan branded trucks are here to stay despite the setback suffered when Chrysler pulled out of their agreement to co-develop the next series of Titan/Ram vehicles.

You could ask for no higher authority than the reigning CEO-President of Nissan/Renault who was quoted today by the Detroit Free Press as saying the following "We're not about to retreat, Titan will have a replacement."

No further details were given but if Carlos says it will be done then you can pretty much call it a mortal lock. Perhaps no CEO in the automotive industry wields as much clout and influence over his company than Ghosn.

So be it. The Titan will live on and see a second generation. Let the speculation on what it will consist of and what options it will offer...

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Anonymous said...

Sweet! I hope the toughen it up a bit, and simplify some of the controls!