Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Danica Patrick to JR Motorsports??

Are you kidding? Now she's coming to NASCAR?

Look...I'm no big fan of NASCAR. 42 cars that all look alike and run round and round and round for 5 hours with only a few minutes of actual action and only a handful of teams with a realistic chance of winning, compounded by boring drivers and highly suspicious rulings, an aging fanbase and little innovation, NASCAR is poised to see a massive decline in viewership and attendance over the next few years.

OK, that might be coming from someone who just really doesn't care for the style of NASCAR but what can't be argued is that the addition of Patrick to Earnhardt Jr.'s organization puts the top two most overrated motorsports drivers together under one umbrella.

If it weren't for Patrick's looks she wouldn't be where she is and if it weren't for Jr.'s dad, he wouldn't be where he is. Both have continuously underperformed during the past few years actually REGRESSING while being given better cars and support. The tide of public opinion has begun to change for Jr. over the past year with grumbles being heard around the sport about just how disappointing his performance at Hendrick has been. Patrick is bailing on her Indy career just in time for people to not start pointing fingers at her. After all, now she'll be able to blame her poor performances on a division of her time between the two series.

Patrick will attract a lot of eyeballs to her first few races, but after that?? It'll be just the same gimmick that she is in Indy. A middle of the pack driver mostly due to the vast support and vehicle development behind her—sound familiar?

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