Thursday, June 23, 2011

Project Retro Runner--Done!

At least in its current form that is...

Yes, I still have to paint the bare metal cage parts you see here and yes, later on in the year it will receive bump stops and straps to assist with situations where there limits of the truck's travel will be met or exceeded.

But for now, she is done and ready to rock and New England Hill Climb events and SCCA RallyCross events.

Even the bare metal upper and lower arms and uprights have actually already been powdercoated and returned--just no pics of that yet.

Project Retro-Runner will be picked up this Saturday and returned to my home this Sunday.  Some testing to occur in the next few weeks and then on to its first official event in its current state at the Okemo Mountain Hill Climb.  Can't wait!  Now I just have to find a co-driver who won't fall asleep at the slow speeds I will be driving!

The work here is wonderful and I can't thank Mr. Cyrus House enough for taking on this project on short notice and doing such a bang up job.  I am forever in your debt Cyrus.


Brian said...

Well done, sir. Kudos!

Adam Wallace said...

That is sexy