Thursday, June 16, 2011

Engine Cage Nearly Complete With Shock Mounts Coming Today...

Now updating the engine cage which you can really see coming into shape here.

The ABS is being pulled and will not be reinstalled and the upper shock mounts are about to go into place.

The engine cage is nicely tied into the frame and the main cage itself as the engine cage goes through the firewall and connects to the main cage within the cab of the truck.

There will also be a removable crossmember going over the engine to tie each side together.  The truck drove like it was on rails before the creation of the engine cage and tieing the front suspension together so I am psyched to see an even further improvement in its handling after these additions.

I also want to thank Cyrus for taping off the fenders on the truck while he does his work as it shows the care and consideration he has for other peoples vehicles while working on them.  Very nice touch.


Rabbit Farmer said...

Cyrus does great work!

spalind (Dan Spalinger) said...

Yes he does...can't wait to see the cross brace and the upper mounts for the shocks...Cyrus says I can run up there and pick her up mid/end of next week. Can't wait!

Bailey Hanna said...


I am actually building a 2008 nismo frontier and I am running the BTF race kit on it. I have a few questions about your engine cage and how you relocated your fuse boxes and wire harness.

I know it has been a long time sense you posted this but I am on the struggle right now and I would really appreciate the help.

If you get the is comment could you please call or text me at 949-241-3092 or email me at

Thanks a lot!

Bailey Hanna