Monday, June 6, 2011

Nissan Juke Aftermarket from Impul...

Now that the Juke has been around for about six months or so, some aftermarket companies are getting on board.

We had the skid plate shown the other day in an earlier post and here we have a whole host of additions courtesy of the Japanese tuner Impul.

There is a rear spoiler, a number of aero additions, some front grill inserts and a bunch of tweaks to the ECU and exhaust.

The prices are all in Yen but should be available should you want to spend the coin.

Impul Releases Juke Aftermarket Accessories...

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Brian Driggs said...

My wife really wants a Juke. Only two things stand between us and buying one right now; an unnecessary car payment and that stupid CVT.

Seeing these pictures, I'm revising my statement to one and a and a half things standing between us and a new Juke.