Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nissan Leaf Wins its Class at Pikes Peak!

OK, so the Leaf was the only vehicle in its very specific class--that of "Production Electric" vehicle.

Still, it shows that Nissan is at the forefront of pushing its electrics to their limits.  Any Volts here?  Nope.  Any Tesla's?  Nope...

The only other electric was a one off custom vehicle that is not "production" oriented and will never see the street.

The Nissan Leaf, piloted by Chad Hord, who usually races a Nissan Titan short course off-road truck in the TORC series, raced up the Pikes Peak road in a time of 14.33.429 which is an average of 52.2 mph.  Not bad for a car with a speed limiter of 90 mph.  In fact, this time was good enough to beat out seven internal combustion auto entries, 28 internal combustion motorcycle entries and 23 other combined auto/moto entries who DNF'd.

Between this event and the NISMO Leaf RC that is making the rounds at races like LeMans and elsewhere, its clear that Nissan does not intend for electric cars to be shut out of motorsports.

Nissan Leaf Wins Class at Pikes Peak

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