Monday, February 14, 2011

Frontier is 2nd Best Selling Small Pickup in America...

January 2011.

That's the month that Nissan lay claim to having the second best selling small pickup in the US.

For January 2011, Toyota sold 7,140 Tacomas while Nissan sold 2,944 Frontiers (inclusive of 148 Suzuki Equators) and Ford sold 2,848 Rangers (no, there were no Mazda B-Series sold in 1/11).  The Ranger total was also a 12 month low for sales of that model, meaning that finally, in its last year of production, buyers are realizing that there are actually other small truck models out there.

While I don't think that the Frontier will eclipse the Tacoma anytime soon, it does show that Nissan has a model here--especially with Ford exiting the market completely later this year and the Colorado/Canyon being overpriced and underdesigned.  If Nissan would throw some muscle behind the Frontier the number of conquest sales from those buyers in the market for a small pickup could be substantial.

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