Sunday, February 6, 2011

HANS Device, Cage Painted, Radflos and More...

So its been a bit since I've updated the blog with what is occuring with the NISMO Stuff truck.

Never fear, things are progressing.  The cage is now fully painted and will not need to be attended to after every race to prevent rust.  It looks beautiful and Dube's Customs has done a fantastic job once again.

Next we have the acquisitin of the HANS device.  Required safety equipment here.  Purchased from HMS Motorsports as I could go there, try it, and make sure I got the correct size.  It's not the cheapest of the head and neck systems but it is one of, if not the, simplest to use and least involved in getting on and off.

Then we have the quick release fire extinguisher brackets and extinguishers themselves.  The brackets are from RPS (Race Prep Services) and available at Kartek.  One will go in the cab in reach of the co-driver and driver and the other will go on the bed cage.  The two extinguishers are, together, large enough to meet the RA/NASA rules for the amount required.

Roll cage padding is required in all series to cover the cage in any area where a driver/co-driver's head may impact the metal bars.  The padding must be SFI 45.1 rated.  I picked up eight, three foot sections from Safe Drives and will cut it to the needed lengths.

And lastly we have the 2.5 inch Radflo coilovers and King springs that will make up the damping part of the new front suspension setup that is coming together currently out in California...Oh...yeah...


Bill said...

All that work and you are using a cardboard box aas a seat. He he he.

Bene following this for a while. Fianlyl looking likes it is really coming together.

Which Radflows are those. YOu ususually do not see the external res ones. How much did you get them for?

spalind (Dan Spalinger) said...

Nah...seats are just out to paint the cage. The Radflows are 2.5 coilovers, 14 inch travel (I believe--can't remember here at work). Nor can I remember the price--I don't think I want to know!! Will be going with 16 inch Radflos in the rear--haven't decided to go with either the smooth body or bypass ones as of yet!