Friday, February 18, 2011

Dash Coming Rounding Into Shape...

Yes, we are moving on to the interior of the vehicle.  The dash was a bit of a headache and in order to get inside the vehicle had to be cut in half and then TIG'd back together to get into place.  It is beautifully rounded and shaped into place however and will have its bottom edge rounded as well to prevent anyone from banging their legs into a sharp edge.  The gauges and GPS and such are next to go in with the replacement of the steering wheel to come at that time as well.

We were also measuring the rear of the vehicle for the new shocks for that section today and those will be ordered this weekend.

As an added bonus, I posted two pictures of the shop the truck is currently being built in.  If you can guess two of the other cars in the shop currently and in various states of their builds I will send the first correct answer a NISMO Stuff Racing Tshirt in their preferred size.  Guess away!


Anonymous said...

trucks looking good, been following you for a while, keep it up

Jacob said...

I am gonna venture a guess on two of the other cars in the shop. I believe I see a Corvette and a Mustang Fastback. I am probably wrong, But the build of the truck is looking good.